Apprenticeships we offer:

Level 4 Healthcare Science Associate

How do they work?

Our apprenticeship delivery team will work with you to deliver the necessary skills and knowledge for your staff to work confidently and competently in their roles.

Our apprenticeship is delivered via blended learning meaning there is flexibility in the programme and that apprentices can learn in a variety of different ways such as; e-learning, 1-1 mentoring, self-study and workshops.

Apprentices must spend at least 20% off the job training. Off the job training can be delivered in a variety of ways including; self-study, coaching, job related projects, in work placements and more.

Who can be an apprentice?

Our apprenticeship is available to all employed staff needing training and support to help them successfully carry out their job roles. They can be offered to new staff or used to grow talent from current employees.

Apprentices can have any level of previous education, so long as it is not in the same subject as the apprenticeship.

How are apprenticeships funded?

AHPO delivers the apprenticeship to levy and non-levy paying employers

  • If you pay the apprenticeship levy you can use it to fund approved apprenticeship training and assessment.
  • If you are a non-levy paying employer you may be able to gain funding for an apprenticeship. Please click here for more information

As an alternative we also offer the Level 4 Healthcare Science BTEC Diploma. Please look at our BTEC Level 4 page for more information..

Why the apprenticeship?

Reasons why our apprenticeship is beneficial


If you have an apprentice, it is not going to cost you the earth in training funds – because the apprenticeship can be funded via the apprenticeship levy


Apprenticeships are an effective way to up skill your existing workforce – this can help to boost performance in their roles. Our apprenticeship will allow staff to work with less supervision and enable them to work more flexibly within different areas of ophthalmic practice.


As well as giving people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to progress in work and life, apprenticeships boost business performance by helping employers develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.


Standardised training and assessment can help ophthalmic support staff provide more consistent and reliable results.